Join the Gremlins!

Perhaps you’ve never considered becoming a Gremlin until now.

You’ve written campaigns, drawn maps, created the finest character sheets in the multi-planar megaverse, yet there they all sit . . . just collecting dust and getting torn in that old green folder between your AD&D DM’s 0xc000021a¬†guide and your 4.0 Players Handbook . And you’ve run how many times now? With how many different friends? And did they love it?


We are not talking about “one off’s” here. Yes, we know about that notebook of ideas and adventure strands that you keep. The one you’ll get around to finishing someday . . . like the rest of us . . . but what you want to do and need to do is get that green folder out and finish it. There is nothing wrong with it. You know the story line back and forth top to bottom: the major NPC’s, plot, sub-plots, beasts, creatures, and the total hit dice damage caused by that spring trap located not in the chest of potions, but the one just underneath that will surely “crit” a thief, er umm, rogue . . . if they’re made of lesser stuff and not paying attention.

Yes, I think you’re beginning to see what I’m talking about. You’ve got a computer, a printer and chances are a scanner or perhaps a friend that has one. Everyone has told you it was a great game, and a few even told you in ernest, “You should send that one in.” Despite the great Dragon that rules this land, cast your eyes into the darkness. Go on. Don’t be afraid. Do you see the thousand thousand eyes that are looking back at you. Those eyes look just like yours. See, you are not alone, not in the least. The only difference is that you are the bearer of the green folder, and they are watching you. What will you do? What move shall you make? You and you alone clutch the lore that has spawned a legend.

It must be brought into the light . . .
A bit much, you say. It’s not really that good, you think. Unlikely you see, because your friends have been telling you otherwise. Gazing down, yet lost in thought you haven’t realized the shuffling of little feet is growing ever closer. As you glance down you recognize your skin is just as green as theirs . . . but they’re chanting your name. You hold the stuff of legend, not unripened papyrus. It is undeniable. Bring your lore into the light and show the whole of Gremlin kind it is made of emerald stuff.
Unleash Your Inner Gremlin!
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